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How Real Estate Agents Can Use Inbound Marketing for New Clients

Saying that real estate is a crowded industry is the understatement of the year. With homes selling all over the country in less than 24 hours, real estate is definitely the industry to be in to be making money right now. For agents and real estate firms seeing so much success, they can attribute their success to a few different factors:

  1. long-standing relationship with clients (former buyers and/or sellers)
  2. the backing of a big real estate firm like Coldwell Banker or ReMAX
  3. a strong inbound marketing strategy where clients come to them

Of course, we have to comment on the inbound marketing part of successful real estate agents. Specifically, what are agents doing to drive inbound traffic to themselves and further, how do they convert it?


As we’ve covered extensively on this blog, SEO is one of the top-drivers of inbound traffic. You publish a page to Google that has decent search volume, create great content for it and wait for it to bring traffic to a website. For real estate agents, this involves creating landing pages for all of the different neighborhoods and communities they serve. While it would be difficult for an agent to rank in natural results for broad keywords like real estate agent or homes for sale, they can take a much more granular approach to show up for highly specific keywords and topics.

To-Do: if you are an agent, look at the neighborhoods you serve and determine if you have pages on your website for them. If not, start creating pages and writing about what you love about these neighborhoods. You can mention things like restaurants, parks, shopping, etc.

Email Marketing

As soon as someone reaches out to you or signs up for your website, you should be sending them automated emails. This could showcase the newest properties in the area, properties you are the listing agent for or new neighborhoods they should be keeping an eye on. Email marketing will keep you top of mind as a real estate agent, it will help drive inbound traffic and best of all, most email service providers can send email for you for a very low, low cost. Be sure to have all emails professionally created and use a business email in your sends.

To-Do: sign up with an email marketing service like Mailchimp or Constant Contact to get started crafting your automated campaigns.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Last, but definitely not least is pay-per-click advertising. Like SEO, PPC will allow you to drive very targeted traffic from search engines like Google and Bing. Again, you’ll want to set up landing pages on your site to target very specific traffic. Instead of bidding on keywords like real estate or homes for sale, you will want to bid on specific community names, zip codes or even street names. This type of advertising can become very expensive, but the ROI is worth it even if you can convert a few people into clients. Spending $1,000 in ads to act as the agent for a few transactions will be well worth it.

To-Do: sign up for a Google Ads account to start learning how to use campaigns, ad groups, keywords and targeting.

How to Get Started

Before you can consider any of these strategies for your website, you need a website and a good amount of content. You’ll need a website that is integrated with your local MLS database to be able to automatically pull in listings. Once you’re set up with an MLS provider, start creating pages to support neighborhoods that are most important to your real estate business. From there, focus on SEO, email, PPC or all 3 and begin driving highly relevant inbound traffic to your site. Over time, this traffic will turn into clients for you.


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