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How Contractors Use Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing techniques are not only used for savvy internet users. Techniques like SEO, pay per click advertising and email marketing can be used by just about anyone who runs their own business. In fact, inbound marketing is one of the top strategies used by contractors and construction works to grow their businesses.

Here are 4 different ways contractors have started to use inbound marketing.

Yelp & Google My Business

As service provider search engines, it’s imperative for business owners to have their information listed on services like Google and Yelp. Best of all, it’s completely free to create a listing. Both services will want you to advertise, but you don’t have to. You can create a profile, tag your business’s category appropriately and start showing up in search results for potential customers.

“I gave Yelp a try thinking it was only for restaurants and bars,” says Steve Thill of Bend Insurance. He continues, “Little did I know I would start getting a lot of insurance leads from the service. And most importantly, it’s free!”

Build a Website

You need a place for future customers to find you. This is why a website is critical to your inbound marketing strategy. No matter what time of contracting you do, you’ll need a business website to show off your services and provide answers to common questions you hear from customers. While a website takes time to get started, you can find inexpensive options from Wix, GoDaddy and Squarespace. If you need something a bit more advanced, consider a website built on a platform like WordPress.

Create Email Campaigns

Once you start getting customers for your contracting business, send them emails to keep your business top of mind. If you’re in the business of HVAC, your customers will love to see an email every other season to remind them to get their systems services. Likewise, for roofers, be ready to send emails in the spring time after winter storms have finished.

Invest Into Pay Per Click Ads

If you have created a well-optimized site but you don’t have time for SEO to really kick in, don’t fret – you can start getting traffic right away through pay-per-click advertising. With PPC, you can show ads in different locations in Google based on your contracting business’s keywords. You should try to follow a keyword structure of city + service so it’s easy for your local customers to find you.

According to one home inspector in Utah, “I started running ads for my inspection business and my book of business quickly filled up. By targeting the cities I serve plus the keyword [home inspector], I was able to directly connect with customers buying a home and needing an inspection.”

Other Thoughts

These are just a handful of inbound strategies you might consider. If you’ve employed something else for your contracting business, let us know in the comments. Special thanks goes to the businesses that provided quotes for this article!

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