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3 Ways to Get Backlinks for Free

Earning links for an inbound marketing based strategy is a must. However, it can prove to be a difficult task and is often overlooked. A website needs to acquire links pointing to it to be important to Google. Without a strong link profile, Google won’t see your content and therefore won’t rank your pages or send you traffic. There’s a lot of ways to get links to point a website and it’s important to focus on quality over quantity.

What Not To Do

If you own a website, you’ve likely received emails about guest blogger outreach. What this tactic boils down to is foreign people placing your link in a link farm for a website they may or may not have access to. In most cases, they have figured out a backdoor to a website and will post a link for a short time. These links never last and once they are found out by Google, your site could be pulled out of search results¬†forever. It’s not something you want to mess with and it can cause serious damage.

You also don’t want to go to a service like Fiverr or Upwork to buy links. Again, you’ll work with foreign link builders who will cut corners to find cheap links that have the potential to damage your site for the long-term.

Top 3 Places to Earn Links for Free

When we say “free” it doesn’t mean you won’t have to put in some work. You’ll receive a link for free or nearly no cost, but you’ll have to put the effort in to¬†earn it. Here are the top 3 places SEO professionals recommend for earning backlinks to a site.

Business Citations & Listings

Every time you publish a profile to a website like Yelp, the Better Business Bureau, Bing Local, Foursquare and the like, you have an opportunity to list your website address. Google picks up on these links because they are coming from very high value sources that are credible with Google. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to publish a free link on any of these sources.

Help A Report Out

Help-A-Reporter-Out or HARO as it is popularly referred to is a journalism service where people are looking for content. You can provide advice to a journalist and fulfill their requests to earn links pointing back to your site. When they publish an article featuring your content, you’ll be cited as a source and therefore earn a link. You should be a specialist in anything you respond to and remember to think about providing high-quality content rather than just earning a free link.

Pitch Your Business to Local Bloggers

The best way to earn a highly relevant and contextual link for your business site is to pitch your product or service to a local blogger. They are going to be related to your website and will be more likely to link to it if you are local. For example, let’s say you are a logo designer in Denver. You’ll want to reach out to local bloggers in Denver to mention your logo design services and request a link from them. You’ll have to work on your outreach skills to try to get them to link to you, but once you start earning a few links and get in a rhythm, you’ll love this strategy.

While links and SEO are very important to an inbound marketing strategy, you’ll still also want to consider other types of inbound marketing like social media and email. A well-rounded marketing strategy will earn you the traffic you want and get your business in front of the right customers.

If you use other methods of building quality links to your website, let us know in the comments!

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